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Sports Resources for the Fan, Player, and Coach.

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The Features of Sports Talk 1 include:

1. Favorite Sports Links Page 
Quick Links to ALL the TOP sports websites and sports related and frequently viisted websites ALL on ONE PAGE!  Find your current favorite websites plus new sports websites to view at a Quick Glance.

As a  viewer you will SAVE TIME when on the internet and have all sports websites organized for you on ONE page where you can visit each website with just one simple click.

A wide variety of Quick Links to your favorite sports websites on the internet.  From ESPN, Fox Sports, to the NCAA website, to your favorite College websites, all the Top Sports websites links and all on one page.

2. The "Sports Talk 1 Daily News Page"
This Daily News Page is designed as a ONE page "COMPLETE SPORTS NEWSPAPER".  This Daily News Page contains links to the Top News Stories of EACH day in the areas of Sports, News, Business, and Weather. .  Each day read the daily Breaking News stories from some of the top news sources on the internet.

View ALL the TOP Stories Each Day and ALL on ONE Page!  Your access to any story is just one click away!!

We feel you will enjoy these above two pages so much that you

may choose to make either one of these pages your "HOME Page"!

3. Quick Sports Stats
Find the Stats that you want for your sport - ONE CLICK AWAY!

4. Sports Wagering  Quick links to the top sports betting sites.

5. Fantasy Sports  Quick links to the top fantasy sports sites.

6. Schedules   Quick links to all professional sports schedules.

7.  Sports Instructional Online Videos
A list of instructional sports videos to view FREE online.
Learn the techniques of the game and sports strategies. For coaches, athletes, and fans.
Improve your physical skills in your sport by increasing your knowledge.
More instructional videos will be added on a regular basis.

8.  A Coaches on-line "White Board"
A unique feature where Coaches, Athletes, and Fans can connect and diagram their offenses,
  defenses, and special plays by actually diagraming "X's and O's" with other Coaches, Athletes,
  and Fans ON-LINE.

On the  Sports Talk 1 "Coaches White Board you can diagram X's and O's while on-line while
  and at the same time chat with other coaches, athletes, and fans on-line as you diagram
  your favorite plays, offenses, and defenses.

  A GREAT feature for coaches but also a great feature for athletes and fans - "What was that
  special play you just saw on TV?" as you chat on the phone or on-line   and "If I was the
  coach this is what play I would run." as you diagram it so both people can see.

9.  Recruiting Information and High School Recruiting Database
A Recruiting Database of the TOP High School Athletes and Recruits from around the country.

10.  A Coaches and Athletes Resource page
  Discover the Top sports resources online with links to some of the best resources for Coaches,
   Athletes, and Fans for strategies, drills, and motivation.
  Connect with just one click to very imformative Coaching Website Links to some of the Top
  Coaching websites for Football, Basketball, Weight Lifting, and other coaching websites. 
  A quick directory for coaches, athletes, and fans to increase their knowledge of offensive and
  defensive strategies, and other valuable instructional and coaching techniques

11. The Sports Talk 1 Message Board.
Chat with other Fans, Athletes, and Coaches on a varirty of topics. View and Post messages on a wide variety of sports topics and interact other athletes, teams, and coaches. Learn about the Top Athletes and Top Teams for this current year.  Invite your friends and teammates to our website and get in our Sports Zone !!

12.  Sports Strategies.
A special Section on the Message Board for  Coaches to chat about all offense, defense, drills, motivational strategies and all aspects of coaching.  

13.  A List of Athletes Twitter Addresses and Facebook Addresses.
      Find your favorite athletes Twitter and Facebook addresses and connect with them.

14.  Coaching Vacancies
Job opportunities for Coaches, Athletic Directors, and other sports related positions in the Sports Talk 1 Message Board Forum.   Check out vacancies or post vacancies.

15.  Directory of High School Team websites
View some of the top high school websites from all over the country. 
Follow the season long progress of High School Teams from around the country. If you don't see your local high school team listed in the directory, simply send an email and it will be added to the list.  
Cast your Vote for who you think has the best High School Team website.

16.  A list of High School Athletic Associations from around the country.
View information about different state Athletic Associations in the country.  Very informative for coaches and athletes.

17.  Recruiting Information for College Bound High School athletes.
Learn about the important strategies on getting recruited for college sports.  This information is extremely important for the college bound high school athlete andcan also be a tremendous help to you in Getting Recruited by college coaches. 

18.  Sports Camps
A special Section on the Message Board for Information on Sports Camps.

19.  Sports Talk 1 "Hot Reads" - The Top Stories in Sports Blog.
Read a very informative blog on the Top Stories in sports and then provide your feedback.

20. THOUSANDS OF QUICK LINKS for all areas of sports!!!   And more being added all the time!

SPORTS TALK 1 is brand NEW!

MORE exciting features will be added all the time !

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