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ATTENTION: College-Bound Student-Athletes

This is the time to START your preparation to get on the College Coaches Recruiting lists.

College coaches are  starting to put together their recruiting lists for this year.

Sports talk 1 has partnered with "Get Recruited 101" - The No. 1 Recruiting Program for College Bound athletes.. The Get Recruited 101 program will provide high school athletes with a High Quality program and at a very low cost.  It provides a Step-by-Step Guide to learn how to Get Recruited by College Coaches.

The program is an easy fw olloGuide Book for the High School Student-Athlete and Parents.

Learn Recruiting Strategies and learn the important steps to How to Gain Exposure to College Coaches.

This program is now being offered at an Unbelievably Low price of just $9.99 in e-Book form.

DON"T put off any longer devewloping your strategies to developing your Game Plan to get on the College Coaches Recruiting lists.

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Over the past several years there have been many Recruiting Service businesses that have been advertising on the internet and some have even been speaking at high schools.  

The Recruiting Services present their service through use of impressive video presentations, or by distributing CD's, or through a wide variety of colorful brochures. 

These services may look very impressive BUT these Recruiting Services cannot do anything that a High school athlete and his or her parents can't do for themselves !   

The Recruiting Services will charge anywhere from $100 up to almost $3,000 to do what the high school student athlete and their parents can do themselves!    And much of the features that the Recruiting Services say they will provide, they will have the high school student-athlete and parents doing all the busy work.

When the Recruiting Service states that they will "create a Player Profile", the employess of the Recruiting Service will not create the "Player Profile" on their own.  Instead, the Recruiting Service has the student-athlete prepare ALL the information themselves.  All the Recruiting Service will actually do is type up the information that the high school student-athlete provided for them.   The student-athlete and parents can do this them- selves or find a person to do it at no cost.  And this "Player Profile" can look just as impressive as what a Recruiting Service could "create".

The Recruiting Services state that they will contact Colleges on behalf of the student-athlete.  Some Recruiting Services will limit the number of colleges that they will contact BUT will contact more colleges for an additional fee.   The way that these Recruiting services will contact colleges is through e-mail, fax, or postal mail.  The student-athlete can contact colleges in the same manner.  Sending e-mails is FREE.   Sending a Fax may be free if a student or parent has access to a fax machine or they can ask their high school gudfance counselor to send out faxes for them.  And for sending a personally written letter and player profile from the student-athlete to a college coach just costs the price of a postage stamp. 

In a recent Sports Illustrated magazine of March 17, 2003 there was an article titled "The College Try".  This article was about a high school student-athlete that used a Recruiting Service that charged $2,495 !  In this article it stated, "...coaches at the biggest programs generally consider NSR and the other scouting services more of a headache than a resource."

The Sports Illustrated article then stated, "Why pay a company to do a job that anyone with a camcorder and a computer could do?"

When a Recruiting Service states that they will create a video of the student-athlete (for a substantial fee ranging from any where to $400 to $1,000) the Recruiting Service WILL NOT be going to the student-athlete's games to video tape their performance.  The Recruiting Service will require that the student obtain the game and practice tapes for the Recruiting Service. The student-athlete could copy tapes and make their own highlight tape FREE.

A Recruiting Service may give a student-athlete and parents the impression that they are acting as the student's "agent" which is illegal.   Colleges are not going to be fooled by impressive and expensive marketing tools of a Recuiting Service.  An no Recruiting Service can obtain a college athletic scholarship for a student-athlete.  Athletic scholarships are offered solely on the athletic skills and academic background of the student and the needs of a college.  There is nothing a Recruiting Service can do to make the student appear to be a better athlete or better student than they actually are.

A student-athlete didn't get to become a potential college athlete or college student by being LAZY !   The student-athlete can do everything that a Recruiting Service can do and have it be even MORE EFFECTIVE.   College coaches will be far more impressed when they see that a potential prospect took the time and effort to contact the college coach themselves.  This shows initiative, commitment, and maturity.   All are qualities that will impress any college coach.

The student-athjlete and parents can do all the work that a Recruiting Service can do IF THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO !   By far the best help that a student-athlete can receive is from "Get Recruited 101".  This is not a Recruiting Service.  Instead, this is a guide written by a teacher and high school coach of 30 years that details ALL the steps of what is necessary for the student-athlete to do. 

And instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for the fees of the high-priced Recruiting Service, the charge for "Get Recruited 101" is as low as only $9.99.

Recruiting Services should not trying to be taking advantage of the dreams of high school student-athletes with their extremely high priced fees.  The Sports Illustrated artticle stated that the Recruiting Service featured in their article was making between $2 million and $3 million annually.

The student-athlete and parents should not make the mistake of paying the Recruiting Services hundreds to thousands of dollars to do what they could do themselves.  Following the steps detailed in Get Recruited 101 will have even better results.

For further information on Get Recruited 101 click on the link below.

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