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· California Interscholastic Federation
· Colorado High School Activities Association
· Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference
· Delaware Secondary School Athletic Association
· District of Columbia Interscholastic Athletic Assoc.
· Florida High School Activities Association
· Georgia High School Association
· Hawaii High School Athletic Association
· Idaho High School Activities Association
· Illinois High School Association
· Indiana High School Athletic Association
· Iowa High School Athletic Association
· Kansas State High School Activities Association
· Kentucky High School Athletic Association
· Louisiana High School Athletic Association
· Maine Principals' Association
· Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Assoc.
· Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association
· Michigan High School Athletic Association
· Minnesota State High School League
· Mississippi High School Activities Association
· Missouri State High School Activities Association
· Montana High School Association
· Nebraska School Activities Association
· Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association
· New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association
· New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association
· New Mexico Activities Association
· New York State Public High School Athletics Assoc.
· North Carolina High School Athletic Association
· North Dakota High School Activities Association
· Ohio High School Athletic Association
· Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association
· Oregon School Activities Association
· Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association
· Rhode Island interscholastic League
· South Carolina High School League
· South Dakota High School Activities Association
· Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association
· Texas University Interscholastic League
· Utah High School Activities Association
· Vermont Principals' Association
· Virginia High School League
· Washington Interscholastic Activities Association
· West Virginia Secondary School Activities
· Wisconsin interscholastic Athletic Association
· Wyoming High School Activities Association

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Athletic Associations for College, High School, and Youth Sports
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